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Intraoral Pictures

At Matrix Dentistry, Dr. Stulic goes the extra mile to make sure you understand the condition of every tooth in your mouth. We take color digital intraoral photos and show them to you on a 35 inch flat screen TV! Have you ever seen pictures like this? We love to show off before and after photos, as it is a time of celebration when you get that tooth restored and looking like new again. We use these photos to look at plaque, tarter, calculus, restorations, crown margins, and pathology if any is seen. We love to use these photos to show you cavities you did not know you had and help you make the decision to fill them while they are small. We use the photos to monitor margins and areas of decalcification. We have the ability to pull the photos up on any computer in the office so no matter where you are seated; we have instant access to your information. If your current dentist has never shown you photos like this, why not? We do!

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