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Our Dentist Uses Mercury Free Fillings

Tooth decay and old metal fillings can cause pain and sensitivity. Keep your teeth cavity free by using tooth colored natural looking composites. At Matrix Dentistry, our dentist gently places aesthetic, tooth-colored fillings instead of dark amalgams. If you have faulty amalgams in your mouth, or noticeable cavities, we urge to call us. We can replace your old metal fillings and/or restore your decayed teeth, helping you conserve a white, metal-free healthy smile.

Dr. Tom McGuire, DDS, in his book The Poison in Your Teeth, states that mercury is continuously released from amalgam (silver) fillings and is hazardous to your health. He goes on to say that mercury is a poisonous substance and contributes to many health issues, including heart disease, autism, chronic fatigue, MS, allergies, depression, memory loss, and anxiety. While there are people that dispute the claim that silver fillings are hazardous to your health, we feel that there is no point in taking any chances. So we use a resin filling which is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture.

An advantage of a resin filling over amalgam fillings is improved aesthetics. Composite resin fillings are made in a wide range of tooth colors allowing a nearly invisible restoration of your teeth. Composites are bonded into teeth which strengthen the tooth's structure. The micromechanical bond to the tooth allows good adhesion of the restoration to the tooth. This means that, unlike silver filling, there is no need to create retentive features destroying healthy tooth. Another advantage of using composite material is that it is a defect specific material. When our dentist is done removing the cavity he can immediately fill the tooth with composite material. He does not need to keep drilling in order to remove excess tooth structure that will help hold the filling in. (Which is a requirement to keep amalgams in teeth). Composite fillings are therefore more conservative in nature, look better, and are what our dentist only puts in his own and family's mouths.

Actual composite fillings completed by our dentist
Before Mercury Free Filling Picture 1
After Mercury Free Filling Picture 1
Old silver mercury filling with underlying cavity before picture
Old silver mercury filling with underlying cavity after picture
After Mercury Free Filling Picture 3
After Mercury Free Filling Picture 3

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