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Smile Creation and Design

The smile design process is faster and less expensive than you may be thinking. Smile Creation and Design is used to take years off your face, give you confidence that you may never have had, and to make your oral health better. That is right! Did you know straight teeth are easier to keep clean, easier to floss and actually decreases the chance of periodontal disease? Smile Creation and Design gives you the smile of your dreams, the confidence of a movie star and the ability to do a better job at home with brushing and flossing. Don't forget that we guarantee our crowns to not break or fracture for 10 years. We stand behind our work like no one else in the Phoenix, Metro area.

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Every case is unique and special. Our dentist, Dr. Stulic likes for family members to come in and give feedback because while Dr. Stulic has a great eye for esthetics, no one knows your smile better than those closest to you. We use a multitude of techniques to give you your dream smile. We usually begin with a diagnostic "wax up" where we take an impression of the teeth before we begin any treatment. This impression is sent to the dental lab where, under our dentist’s direction, they use wax to create new teeth to model your dream smile. At a subsequent appointment, we are able to show you the anticipated smile. So, in essence, we can see the final result before we begin! Changes can be made in tooth size and shape to give the esthetics we want. We use this wax up as a template throughout the smile design process. We will use this to create temporary crowns and the lab will use the wax up to create the beautiful final ceramic restorations. We usually use a mix of crowns and veneers to achieve optimal results.

Smile Restoration Before Picture
Smile Restoration After Picture 1
Smile Restoration After Picture 2

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