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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Regularly having your teeth cleaned by a professional registered dental hygienist is important not only to keep your smile beautiful it will also reduce your chances of getting cavities and gingivitis that can lead to periodontal disease.

Types of Teeth Cleanings

Prophylaxis is a simple cleaning that includes light hand scaling and/or ultrasonic use, and a polish. This cleaning is prescribed for an individual who has good or fair gingival health. It may be performed when the individual has less than ideal gingival health, yet he/she does not have heavy calculus buildup and no signs of active disease. Local anesthetic is not necessary. It is common to have a prophy at regular intervals, such as every six months.

Full Mouth Debridement is performed to remove bulk calculus (tartar). This procedure is prescribed when calculus is so heavy it prevents diagnosis and/or is needed to aid in a final cleaning or in preparation for scaling and root planing.

Scaling and Root Planing (ScRp) is the non-surgical therapy used when there is Chronic Periodontal Disease resulting in Bone Loss and Gum Pocket Formation and usually requires local anesthetic. It is charged per quadrant. ScRp is considered "an initial therapy". Once it is completed, Maintenance Cleaning Procedures are prescribed every 3-4 months to maintain what we just achieved. Periodontal Disease is the Number One cause for tooth loss. Scaling and Root Planing does not cure the disease process, it is an attempt at slowing it down and reducing the bacterial load so your own immune system can become more effective in dealing with the disease. This is why it is so important to come back every 3-4 months after the initial Scaling and Root Planing procedure. Sometimes a referral to a Periodontist is needed to help control the infection with surgery but we can usually take care of everything in-house.

Dirty Teeth with Calculus/Tartar Build Up The same teeth after being cleaned by our dental hygienist

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